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What is the difference between Active and Gym meals?

We understand that everyone has different requirements from their diet. So ALN has created 2 different meal sizes. Active life meals and Gym life meals.

Active life meals contain a smaller meal portion, consisting of 100g of your chosen protein, 100g of your chosen carbohydrate and 50g of your chosen vegetables. These meals provide a decent meal size for people who are looking to trim down body size. Note: eating smaller portions and often will increase your metabolic rate.

Gym life meals contain large portions, consisting of 150g of your chosen protein, 150g of your chosen carbohydrate and 100g of your chosen vegetables. These meals provide plenty of nutrients for you body to endure a busy lifestyle and exercise routine.

for further advice on which meals would suit your goals and lifestyle then please contact to speak to a fully qualified nutrition expert.

How are the meals prepared?

Every evening ALN calculates the total amount of orders and the required ingredients to fulfill the orders. We inform our suppliers and in the early hours of the morning with receive all of the fresh ingredients and we go to work on preparing the protein and seasoning it ready to be cooked, we then prepare the carbohydrates and vegetables.

Once the food is cooked, it is chilled to lock in the freshness before we seal them in our oven proof and microwavable trays. Then meals are placed inside a thermal sleeve wich also contains an ice pack and the sleeve and your meals are then place inside a protective box to ensure the food is as fresh as possible upon delivery.

How do you organize delivery?

ALN do not compromise on anything, we use the best sources for our produce and the best team of chefs to cook your meals. We also use the best courier service, DPD.

Once your order is received, we will register your order with DPD who are renowned for the most efficient service and flexibility for customers, they will create an order notification for you.

If the time and location that DPD provide you with are not convenient for you then you can download the DPD app to arrange a specific location and time for your delivery.

Can meals be frozen?

Yes, meals can be frozen. At ALN, we aim to provide our customers with meals as fresh as possible. This means that the meals will be fresh and ready to eat up to 4 days of delivery and also able to be frozen for up to 6 months within those 4 days. The best before date is indicated on a sticker on the packaging.

If you do freeze meals, we would recommend they be cooked in the oven, in the accordance with the guidelines on the packaging.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

Orders placed before 10:00 pm will be delivered within 48 hours, allowing 1 day for preparation and shipment and 1 day for delivery.

When your order is processed, DPD will notify you of an expected delivery time.

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